Recent Projects

Dunnywater Cottages, Annalong

Timberframe Supply and Erect of Five Cottages in Annalong, Co Down

Kilbroney Timberframe LTD started this project in December 2012. It is located at the foot of the Mourne Mountains, an area of natural beauty. Dunnywater cottages will be used as a holiday home to provide accommodation for the local tourism in the area.

Project specification
We provided the following insulation specification after specking with are clients and finding out want they needed out of this project.

 External wall Insulation   
Insulated with 150mm Fibre wool and 40mm PIR rigid board fitted on the inside of the studwork. Combined with are air tight metalized reflective membrane this gives us a u-value of 0.15 wm²k.

Internal Wall Insulation
Insulated with 100mm fibre wool to provide great acoustic values.

First Floor Insulation
Insulated with 150mm Rockwool fitted in between the joists to create a sound break.

Ceiling Insulation 
Insulated with 150mm loft wool insulation fitted in between joist and 150mm loft wool above the joists.

Other Details
In keeping with the cottage theme are clients fitted a wood burning stoves to heat the cottage as they have a good supply of wood available.