Recent Projects

Dunshaughlin, Co Meath

Timberframe Supply and Erect and of a New dwelling in Dunshaughlin, Co Meath

Kilbroney Timberframe LTD supplied and erected the Timberframe for this project in April 2013

Project specification
Our Clients came to Kilbroney Timberframe expressing that they wanted a home which would be extremely easy to heat and have low energy bills year on year. Kilbroney Timberframe provide the following specification to meet our clients needs leaving them with a home that requires little or no heating.    

External wall Insulation   
Insulated with 150mm Fibre wool and 40mm PIR rigid board fitted on the inside of the studwork. Combined with are air tight metalized reflective membrane this gives us a overall wall u-value of 0.15 wm²k.

Internal Wall Insulation
Insulated with 100mm fibre wool to provide great acoustic values.

Ceiling Insulation 
Insulated with 150mm loft wool insulation fitted in between joist and 150mm loft wool above the joists. 25 MM PIR rigid boards fitted below joists. Over all ceiling U-value 0.12 wm²k.

Airtight system
We used a metalized Reflective membrane on all are external walls and ceilings. By taping the over laps with metalized tape and sealing around doors and window with Siga Corvum window tape. Using these products and a high standard of workmanship we received a 1 in the buildings Airtight test.

Service batten
Once the airtight membrane is completed we fixed a 50mmx35m batten onto all the external walls and ceilings. This creates a service cavity. This means that no services (Wires or Pipes) need to past through the airtight membrane.

Heat recovery system
After getting the top rating in the airtight test we decided to fit a Heat recovery system in order to retain 90% of all heat loss, control levels of condensation and provide fresh filtered air constantly.

Kilbroney timber frame supplied and fitted a 5 Meter squared flat pate solar panel to the roof.

Roof windows
Requested by our client where two Remote control, solar powered roof lights (780mmx980mm) and to white (780mmx980mm) velux windows. All windows triple glazed