Timber Frame Houses

Benefits of Timber Frame Housing

When you consider that the majority of newly built homes are timber frame, it is obvious that there are marked benefits from this type of construction. Countries with wet and harsh climates, like Scotland, Scandinavia, and now Ireland, are increasingly choosing timber frame at the preferred method of building new homes and, in doing so, are reaping the benefits listed below:


Speed of Construction

A timber frame home can be erected in between four to six weeks after the arrival of the Kilbroney Timberframe team on-site. Since the framework and all other timber components are manufactured off-site at Kilbroney Timberframe’s plant, this can be done in parallel with foundation laying. Once the timber frame structure is in place, other tradesmen have access to the house to work, shielded from the weather. The level of parallel working that this affords speeds up the construction lifecycle significantly.

No drying-out time

Since there is no wait for the traditional interior plaster finish to dry out, decorating can begin immediately. This reduces the entire timescale from drawing up plans to moving into your new timber frame home, not to mention the absence of unsightly cracks in the plaster which appear in many modern houses.



The thermal insulation in a timber frame home is contained inside the inner leaf so no heat is lost in the block work, resulting in a damp-free, cosy and energy-efficient house, benefits which can be enjoyed for decades. In addition, sound insulation is comparable to a traditional house.


Approximately 40% heat savings

The superior insulation in a timber frame house translates into approximately 40% heat savings, meaning lower energy bills and improved comfort. This remarkable energy efficiency also means that houses stay warmer for longer once they have been heated.


Accurate, straight walls

Most people will agree that one of the most unsightly and irritating things in a home is badly finished interior walls. Glaringly obvious shadows and skirting that cannot quite hug the wall are not an issue with the timber panel walls in a timber frame home. Timber frame construction guarantees that each corner is a perfect right angle and each wall is perfectly straight. Laying carpet and hanging wallpaper will never be so troublesome again!

Environmentally friendly

Timber frame manufacture is an environmentally-friendly, sustainable process creating none of the carbon footprint of other build options. All timber used by Kilbroney Timberframe in the manufacture of our houses is sourced from managed forests in Scandinavia. While trees grow they absorb carbon dioxide (C02) and produce oxygen, and the carbon is stored with the wood. Converting the trees into building materials takes less energy and generates significantly less volumes of greenhouse gases than the common alternative building materials such as steel and concrete.


Flexibility for future improvements

Because the interior of the timber frame house comprises wooden panelling, future improvements do not involve the hassle of chipping plaster, knocking through walls, etc.

With increasing labour and fuel costs, its makes sense to choose a timber frame home from Kilbroney Timberframe!

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