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Building Energy Ratings

All new houses now require a Building Energy Rating (BER) which entails the independent production of a certificate by a BER-approved assessor verifying the building’s energy efficiency, a measure of the amount of energy used per square metre per year. By reducing the amount of heat lost through the walls, roof, doors and windows, the amount of energy required to heat the house is reduced, resulting in lower energy bills for the householder, and reduced emissions to the environment.

The BER scale ranges from A1 (most energy efficient) to G (least efficient). At Kilbroney Timberframe we manufacture and construct all our homes to achieve an A3 rating, as illustrated in the graphic on the left. Most homes built to current standards typically achieve up to C1 rating, although with increased emphasis on constructing energy-efficient houses there is a drive to push the norm to B1 levels.

By addressing the following issues during construction, we ensure that the building assessment will achieve the A3 energy efficiency rating:

  • Building fabric performance
  • Insulation, airtightness, windows, and doors
  • Heating systems
  • Renewable energy such as Solar heating, wind turbines, geothermal

We use a wide range of efficient insulation products and techniques to ensure airtightness, helping achieve A3 Building Energy Ratings for all our homes. In addition, all windows and doors used in our timber-frame home constructions have been designed with thermal efficiency in mind, without compromising on their overall appearance.

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