Timber Frame Houses

The build Process

Timber frame construction is an established building technique that has been used for many years.  If you are unsure of the process enabling you to obtain the timber frame home of your dreams, please read through the stages below;

STEP 1: Architect prepares detailed plans.

An Architect is essential for designing a dwelling to your specific requirements. We use these plans to develop drawings in conjunction with Certified Engineers regulations, then we provide the client with a copy of the substructure/base plan which should be forwarded to your building contractor.

STEP 2: Construction of substructure.

Due to the precise tolerances to which Kilbroney Timberframe must manufacture the components, the accurate setting out of the substructure on which the timber frame sits is vital to ensure the structural integrity of our frame. We can offer complete build services including foundation preparation by our own team to eliminate potential problems with measurements, and to provide a seamless service to our clients allowing us to plan more efficiently for the timberframe erection. Alternatively, if your foundations are prepared by another contractor, then once your substructure is in place a representative from Kilbroney Timberframe visits the site to verify the substructure measurements, only then do we proceed with the manufacture of your dwelling.

STEP 3: Timberframe construction on site.

At one of our many consultations a mutually agreeable delivery date is arranged and so prior to delivery of your timber frame kit you, the client, organise the appropriate scaffolding to be on site. The manufactured timber frame panels are delivered on the date specified and erecting begins that same day. As we are members of the UK Timber Frame Association and the National Standards Authority of Ireland, we follow their strict guidelines and so it usually takes up to two weeks to completely erect your timber frame dwelling.

Step 4: Internal and external finishing.

Ensuring your house is sealed from the elements is the next stage, this means your roof receives felt and lath as soon as the trusses are in place.  Finally, the external doors and windows you have chosen are fitted enabling work to begin on the inside of your dwelling, i.e., electricians, plumbers, plasters and so on.  Also, your building contractor can commence with the exterior shell of your property, be it brick, block or other materials.  And so, the property dream is quickly becoming a reality.

We feel it is necessary to consult with our clients throughout all stages of developing your timber frame property therefore ensuring we provide a top-quality kit and service

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